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Bring search back.

PM5 had a great search functionality, that I totally miss in PM6

This has made working with PM so much less useful .

I understand that is was not perfect with spotlight, but give us the option.

Let me tell you how I was using it.

I had folder open in PM5 with many files. I would retouch them and ad an R at the end: SampleR.JPG and SampleR.PSD and Sample2R.JPG

at the end I would filter out with a search: R.JPG

all the finished retouched images appear, upload and invoice.

with you correct search it is impossible!

Good news. We know that feature was useful for a lot of people, and we're working on bringing that functionality back. If you'd like to preview it a little sooner, check out our Photo Mechanic Plus beta release here:

I just wanted to update you that search will be back in the next update and there's more good news:

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Good news. Spotlight search is now back for Mac users. Here it is:

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I am using the 90 days trial version (v6 build 4538) and my Windows 10 notebook. 

It seems there is still no possibility to search for filenames.

I remember seeing it in some old version years ago. My previous experience is what made me look for Photo Mechanic again nowadays.

Is there a plan to bring back the search functionality soon, for the Windows version as well?

Thank you


The search feature relies on the macOS-specific Spotlight Search, so we can't create that for Windows. However, Photo Mechanic Plus has a lot more search options. 

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