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Bring search back.

PM5 had a great search functionality, that I totally miss in PM6

This has made working with PM so much less useful .

I understand that is was not perfect with spotlight, but give us the option.

Let me tell you how I was using it.

I had folder open in PM5 with many files. I would retouch them and ad an R at the end: SampleR.JPG and SampleR.PSD and Sample2R.JPG

at the end I would filter out with a search: R.JPG

all the finished retouched images appear, upload and invoice.

with you correct search it is impossible!

Good news. We know that feature was useful for a lot of people, and we're working on bringing that functionality back. If you'd like to preview it a little sooner, check out our Photo Mechanic Plus beta release here:

I just wanted to update you that search will be back in the next update and there's more good news:

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Good news. Spotlight search is now back for Mac users. Here it is:

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I am using the 90 days trial version (v6 build 4538) and my Windows 10 notebook. 

It seems there is still no possibility to search for filenames.

I remember seeing it in some old version years ago. My previous experience is what made me look for Photo Mechanic again nowadays.

Is there a plan to bring back the search functionality soon, for the Windows version as well?

Thank you


The search feature relies on the macOS-specific Spotlight Search, so we can't create that for Windows. However, Photo Mechanic Plus has a lot more search options. 

What a rip off! Why not then design a search function that works with windows!? Why all this mac fixation? At least half the working photographers, I know, use pc's.

We did build a search feature that works with Windows. It's in Photo Mechanic Plus because it requires the files to be indexed into a database, which is what happens when you add them to catalogs. Spotlight search is only possible because the MacOS is indexing the files in the background. Even so, it doesn't index everything. It skips XMP files and doesn't support RAW files well, so it has some quirky results. Photo Mechanic 6 did not originally contain Spotlight search at all. We ended up bringing it back.

So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that as a windows user I have to pay extra to get a search facility?

But if the Mac facility does not search raw files, it is of pretty limited use, in any case, I guess.

@Guy what he is telling you is, that PM has a shortcut to a tool, that MacOS does include, and windows does not.

As a Windows user you might know, that the search function in Windows Explorer is very limited and gives poor results. MacOS on the other hand does keep an index of many files at all times and can therefore provide faster and better search results.

Photo Mechanic makes use of this OS based Search Function. Windows does not offer this function, so there is no way for Photo Mechanic to use it. This has nothing to do with the developers wanting extra money for you to use a feature that is free for others, nor does it have something to do with being fixed on Macs, it's just that Apple has a feature that Microsoft does not have. Disabling this feature, just so that MacOS and Windows user have the same feature set would be an unnecessary circumcision of this product.

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