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Change Shortcut for Clear in Metadata Template and Metadata Info Panes

The Cmd+Delete keyboard shortcut (on Mac) in the Metadata Info pane and Metadata Template pane clears all IPTC fields and cannot be reversed with an undo. This is confusing because in most other programs this shortcut clears a single line. Also it is a fairly easy to hit accidentally. 

One solution would be making the shortcut for clearing the all IPTC fields a three key combination like Cmd+Shift+Delete and the Cmd+Delete shortcut clear only the selected field. 

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That's a good point. Has anyone else here encountered this problem? 

Suggest you Make the Mac “Cmd+Z” for undoing an action (like deleting a catalog) apply to everything!! (I inadvertently deleted a catalog, and realized that I wanted to undo that immediately, but “Cmd+Z” did not do it! )

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