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Sequence Variable Starting At 1

Add variables for sequence that always start from 1 with options for different number of padding zeros.

Would be very helpful for snapshots that save images for ouput

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You probably already know this, but if not: holding the Option key on Mac or the Shift key on Windows changes the "Set {seqn} var..." to "Reset" and it sets your sequence back to 1 with the appropriate number of 0's in front as placeholders. Obviously this is not exactly your request, but replaces 3 clicks with 1, so hopefully it speeds you up.

In regards to your actual request though, do you have any suggestions for how the interface would work for regarding this feature? Particularly where the checkbox toggles whether a sequence variable exists in the renaming field, as this is currently just a binary option.

I imagine the variables would be {seqn1}, {seqn01}, {seqn001}, {seqn0001}, {seqn00001}, and so forth. It would always start from 1 and warn you if there are duplicate names and ask if you want to begin the sequence after the last conflict.
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