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Checkbox for Adding to "Persons Shown" Without Overwriting

It would be nice to have a checkbox for the "Persons Shown Field" in the "Metadata Template"  that exists outside other array based field such as "Keywords" and "Description Writers" that allow you to add those fields without overwriting their contents

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We've implemented this feature in the latest release. 

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Absolutely needs this, because I've import my LR catalog where I'd used keywords for people.  Within PM+ I want to select all on a person's name, and append that name to others who may be in the selected pictures.

This would be helpful when several people appear in a group of images, but every person is not in every picture. Rather than creating a metadata template for each combination of persons, use a template for each person and "add" each to the Persons Shown field by only selecting the appropriate images. 

Prakar Kumar's suggestion of concatenating the {person} variable with the new information would be a more universal solution if it applied to all template fields. A common technique used by programmers.

Just joined the site to request this feature.

I tried to do the following as a workaround:

Pass 1: Persons Shown -> John Doe

Pass 2: Persons Shown -> {persons}, Jane Doe

I was hoping that PM would be able to resolve the current value of the field, but that is not the case.

I believe "Persons Shown" is one of a few fields, like keywords and description writer, in that values are kept in an array rather than the method in which all other fields are stored. I don't know if this behavior is unique to Photo Mechanic or part of the IPTC standard.

Anyways the point being I would imagine it would be simple to add a checkbox to add additional values to the field rather than replace all values. Though I will admit that my understanding is incomplete and it may not be simple.

The values are indeed stored as an array. On scanning a file using 

exiftool -json filename.jpg

 the response I got contained the line(s)

  "Creator": "Picasa",
  "PersonInImage": ["Person1","Person2"],

which is the JSON notation for an array. Hence, it should be simple to change the Persons Shown field to be the same as the Keywords field.

(the names have been changed for obvious reasons)

The documentation does say that this is a relatively new field, so I understand that this might not have been the highest priority.

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