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variable metatdata font size contact sheet

ON my 13" laptop the font size in PM 6 is larger than in PM 5. it just takes up too much screen space under each 'slide'

Can we have an option to change please? This is stopping me using PM6


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As it turns out, there is a setting on Retina displays that will help. This is in your System Preferences. 

If that doesn't fix the problem, please reach out to John by email or phone. 


Thanks, David. I'm going to forward this to John in support to see if we can figure out if this is a settings issue or a bug. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  

Sure Marziah,

Attached are PM 5 - showing nice readable fonts similar in size to the fonts in the folder selection window, looks very integrated and I can read the full file name,

compared this with the PM6 screen shot showing a much large font, file name incomplete and looks too large compared with the rest of the menus.



Thanks, David. Any chance you could grab a screen shot so I could see what's going on? 

Resolution is retina, very high don’t know the numbers .
Hi Marziah, I have a 13” Macbook Pro. Thanks David

What kind of laptop are you using and what's your screen resolution?