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Image archive as a separate add-on to Photo Mechanic

I'd like Camera Bits to make an optional add-on to Photo Mechanic - an image database. Let med explain how i think:

In my ideal world I'd like to divide imaging work in three parts:

1) Everything that a photographer is doing after the image is shot (ingesting, sorting, texting, batch-resizing incl. watermarking, etc.) EXCEPT image editing.

2) Image editing using Photoshop etc.

3) Archiving using standard IPTC data. 

Part 1 is where Photo Mechanic excels, but it still lacks some components.

Part 2 is coved by loads of programs with different strengths and weaknesses. No need for Camera Bits to dive into that field.

Part 3 should be an independent database that works in conjunction with / as an add-on to Photo Mechanics. It should read out all IPTC/EXIF data from the files, and make a quick searchable index. A lightweight utility that hands off search results for Photo Mechanics to display.

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Hi, Ole. I think I have great news for you. Have you tried our Photo Mechanic Plus beta? If you own Photo Mechanic 6, you can try the open beta for free. Here is the download information

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