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Allow configuration of image info to be shown


Currently the image info shown by using these options is not configurable:

- right-click on an image and selecting 'Image Info'

- image info in the upper right corner in the 'Preview' window

- info tooltips via menu 'View', 'Show Info Tooltips'

Please allow to configure what image info is being shown. The configuration setting could be the list of all image properties (file name, file size, etc), IPTC and EXIF data where you can select/deselect what info to be shown and in which order.

Or maybe a template of texts and variables, like in the thumbnail labels, e.g.:

Aperture: {aperture}

Shutter speed: {shutter} s

ISO: {iso}

Pixels: {width} x {height}

File size: {filesize}

Thanks and regards


I believe you can do that in PM6 under  Edit/Settings/Set Info Text...

At least it did for me.



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Hi Gord

Thanks so much for your hint!

This is exactly what I wanted, but didn't know that it already exists ;-)

I expected this to be in 'Preferences', but nice to discover new things even after using PM for a long time.

Thanks again and best regards


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