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Edit metadata of offline media in Photo Mechanic

It's a major dealbreaker to have a catalog that requires direct access to the files in order to do any actual work. Offline files are great, but meaningless when a user can't do *anything* with them. As a starting point it'd be great to be able to add images, and make changes to, collections while my main 20TB archive is offline. Maybe I'm in the other room with my laptop, maybe on the other side of the country. Point is, I shouldn't be tied to my external drives just to make simple adjustments.

Over time ideally I'd want to be able to make ratings/tag/color class adjustments and edit metadata while offline, which is functionality built in to every other DAM catalog I've used. I understand the underlying philosophical differences for file management and metadata handling between PM and most other database systems. While I appreciate that approach for culling and metadata work while on deadline during an assignment, it doesn't carry over to catalogs IMO. I'll happily pay more for a 'Plus' version if you can make it work with useable functionality while offline. Otherwise it simply isn't worth it for slightly more features than the non-Plus PM. 

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In case it isn't clear, this is a request specifically for PM Plus.

Thanks, T.J.  We do plan on adding that ability. It's definitely one of our goals, but I don't think it will be part of our initial release. I understand if that means it's not worth upgrading for you just yet. We're working on it. 

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I second this request. I have around 1.4 million images. My Photo Mechanic Plus catalog is well over 110 GB. While traveling with only my laptop I would expect to be able to review items in my catalog and clean up metadata, ratings, etc. and then apply the changes the next time I have the volumes containing the actual images mounted.

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Another vote here!

PhotoMechanic Plus runs fantastically well as an asset management system and combined with its speed could be a brilliant way to ingest images and cull "offline" (or from a smallish USB drive) when mobile rather than needing to carry around a full set of the images concerned.  Ironically this is one thing Lightroom's pretty good at when you factor in Creative Cloud and enabling sync of images to Lightroom mobile apps running on tablets etc. Can cull/work on images etc with all changes replicated back whenever the device next connects. 

With the metadata available in the catalog, could a relatively simplistic approach be to queue any rating/metadata changes made while the source files were not available and apply them whenever the files come back online... or simplistically, check next time PMP is started and if files are available; write out the queued changes... yes, I do appreciate that's a gross simplification! 

This is actually exactly what I'm searching to see if I was missing somewhere during my trial of Plus. There's no good DAM option out there for single users, so I was excited. Though my Aperture is still plugging along on my aging MBP, unintentionally being a rather decent DAM, if I manage to update my OS, it's not going to work anymore. I was really hopeful with PMPlus to be able to still reference images on unconnected external drives, but that doesn't seem to be possible yet as all of those images are black (though it still sees their metadata…).

Is there a definite guarantee that functionality will be coming? And is there an ETA? Since I'm still on PM5, the upgrade price is quite good right now to go to Plus, but only if "offline" viewing of images will become a feature.

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You can sync your catalogs for changes you made while the media was offline. 

Marziah Karch - this is *NOT IMPLEMENTED*

Being able to sync changes made in the file system to the catalog is not the same as what this request SPECIFICALLY covers. If you were to review the initial post along with the subsequent comments you will see that the request here is to be able to make changes using PM+ TO IMAGES IN THE CATALOG - eg ratings, metadata, etc. without needing to have the original files online and accessible.

PM+ already maintains proxy media so it's possible to view/search/browse with original files offline, but at the moment making ANY changes to those items requires access to the files... meaning that it's not possible to use PM+ to rate files or work on metadata etc. in an offline capacity unless you bring a full set of your image archive files along with your mobile device.

Please re-open. 

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Just a quick reply to echo Tim's comment: my original request is *NOT* implemented. Syncing changes in the file system in the method Marziah mentions *IS NOT* the same functionality as offline changes within the catalog. 

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Always reassuring I've not missed something :) 

Whoever's reviewing/moderating these posts - please can we have this item reopened? 

I changed the topic name to reflect the portion of this that is not yet implemented. 

Add me to the list of people wanting this. Next to search, editing metadata for offline media is the single most important part of archive management software for me. 

Hi there, TL;DR: I would love to see this ability, too!

Context: I am a bit confused. For me it is a quintessential workflow to be able to work with offline media, and then have it synced back once the drives are online again. I basically search for a modern version of Expression Media, or Media Pro as Capture One called it after they bought it. With that software gone, I'm in dire need of an alternative. The cataloging & "read only mode" is great to look up old projects. But the main selling point for me would be actually being able to work through current projects & do the editing / culling in my offline catalog.

I am wondering why there is not more interest in this feature. Maybe because people normally don't use PM but other tools for it? I would love to kill two birds with one stone here, and I'm pretty sure there are many more people who's workflow would benefit from this ability. Great work with PM Plus, and adding this would be the finishing line for a professional cataloging software. I'm confident you will manage to finish :-)!

Sven Kräuter

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I agree. New user ... still learning PM.  I misunderstood that “offline” capability was already in PM6Plus.  Disappointed, but PM6 is very functional, and capable aside from the myriad of “potholes” I seem to step in.

The architectural impact would be to decouple XMP sidecar files and lug around “XMP proxies” when offline. Ditto for EXIF proxies.  I know the ripple side effects will add up for the dev team labor, but it is tratable.

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