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Offline functionality

It's a major dealbreaker to have a catalog that requires direct access to the files in order to do any actual work. Offline files are great, but meaningless when a user can't do *anything* with them. As a starting point it'd be great to be able to add images, and make changes to, collections while my main 20TB archive is offline. Maybe I'm in the other room with my laptop, maybe on the other side of the country. Point is, I shouldn't be tied to my external drives just to make simple adjustments.

Over time ideally I'd want to be able to make ratings/tag/color class adjustments and edit metadata while offline, which is functionality built in to every other DAM catalog I've used. I understand the underlying philosophical differences for file management and metadata handling between PM and most other database systems. While I appreciate that approach for culling and metadata work while on deadline during an assignment, it doesn't carry over to catalogs IMO. I'll happily pay more for a 'Plus' version if you can make it work with useable functionality while offline. Otherwise it simply isn't worth it for slightly more features than the non-Plus PM. 

In case it isn't clear, this is a request specifically for PM Plus.

Thanks, T.J.  We do plan on adding that ability. It's definitely one of our goals, but I don't think it will be part of our initial release. I understand if that means it's not worth upgrading for you just yet. We're working on it. 

I second this request. I have around 1.4 million images. My Photo Mechanic Plus catalog is well over 110 GB. While traveling with only my laptop I would expect to be able to review items in my catalog and clean up metadata, ratings, etc. and then apply the changes the next time I have the volumes containing the actual images mounted.

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