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Mac: Access other apps via Services, Quick Actions and Share contextual menu

After the slow demise of Aperture I tried several different apps before switching to Photo Mechanic in conjunction with various external editors. I like PM because it allows me to have a more modular and flexible solution but there's currently a lot of friction in the workflow compared to using some of the more integrated solutions.

The specific challenge I have is accessing 3rd party apps other than image editors. I have to regularly switch from PM to the Finder, or from PM to the Finder, then the Terminal to launch apps and scripts. "Reveal in Finder" is one of my most used actions. I suspect there are others in the same boat.

Rather than lots of people submitting niche feature requests or PM becoming bloatware it would be great if you could provide access to the Services, Quick Actions and Share options in the contextual menu when you right click on an thumbnail, or a folder in the navigator, as per the Finder. This would easily allow people to create completely custom workflows.

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Thanks for this suggestion, Adam. Let me do a little research and get back to you on this. 

This doesn't fully meet your request, but you can trigger scripts through Automator as if they were external editors. Here's an example our Marketing Director, Mick, made.  Most scripts can be made into droplets through Automator and triggered this way. 

Meanwhile, if anyone else would like to see Adam's request implemented, please comment here and add a like to his request. This helps us prioritize our work.  

Thanks for the suggestion. To be really useful it would need to be possible to do this with directories in the navigator, not just images in the contact sheet. I'n the mean time I suppose it should be possible to make an Automator action which grabs the parent path for the selected file...

I would be so helpful to be able to access the "Share" function within macOS (Mail, Messages, AirDrop, etc.).  Even Automator, as far as I can tell, is not able to trigger the Share functionality.

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