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Focus Peaking & Highlight alert

Features like Focus Peaking and Highlight Alert(Zebra) in preview mode - can be very useful if you have a small laptop screen or if you are outdoors.

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This would be an awesome feature! I just started looking for it and Capture1 and FastRawViewer have this feature. 

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Oh, I can see how that would be useful. I'm not sure how much development time it would require or if it's even possible at this point, but we can look into it for future consideration. Great suggestion. 

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Now I found "Show blown highlights" (shame on me), which is great, but Focus Peaking is more useful sometimes in daylight. For example,  sometime I have to send images from the field, and when the daylight is bright, there is not much to see on the laptop display, then focus peaking becomes useful.

Do you mean something other than "Show blown highlights" and Zoom from the preview window?

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