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Display Metadata in Contact Sheet

I would like to be able to see the metadata for an image directly in the Contact Sheet, without having to open the Metadata Info window. Would be a much faster way to check the actual settings of a file.

This works quite well in Adobe Bridge: when several images are selected it shows the values which are common between the images, or "multiple" for the values which vary.

(I've just given up Adobe Bridge for Photo Mechanic as it has become unbearably slow and am very happy with PM, but there's a couple of things which I miss...)

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Hi Ariel,

You can do this in a few ways. 

You can see metadata for an image on the contact sheet by going to 'View' -> 'Show Info Tooltips' which will show you everything from the Info Panel that shows up in the Preview window, which you can customize by going to 'Edit' -> 'Settings' -> 'Set Info Text'.

You can also use Variables in the Labels section of the Contact Sheet Preferences to have Photo Mechanic show you the metadata in the image that corresponds to that variable.

Hope that helps (or let me know if I am not understanding what you are looking for)!

Hi Andrew,

thanks for this: The customizable Info Text solves already a part of my problem.

I am editing folders with large numbers of images of different objects or from different locations. They have a good part of the metadata Info in common, But some values (like location, IPTC subject or caption) vary. 

In order to assign Metadata to smaller batches of these images need to constantly open the Metadata Template, edit the required Info and assign to a Batch.

Now your hint with the customizable text helps me checking the Status Quo.

What still slows me down is the fact that I cannot keep the Metadata Template open all the time to check and edit the settings. Unfortunately the Info Text in the Contact Sheet does not show while the Template is open. Ideally I could select Images and check Info in the Contact Sheet while the Metadata Template is open, so I could check, edit and assign Metadata much faster. 

I sent a separate Feature Request for my Issue with having to open and close the Template all the time, and a third one with collapsible groups of Metadata in the template in order to be able to focus on the information I need, without scrolling. All these together would be a great boost :)

Thanks for your support and best regards,


Thanks Ariel for bringing this up - I've been struggling with very similar issue, toggling back and forth between contact sheet and IPTC panel.   

Thank you Andrew for describing how to customize Set Info Text - I never realized this could be modified.  I just tried  it - removed a lot of metadata fields I rarely use, so now the metadata I use most often is at the top - also,  I added  blank lines to create white space between a few  metadat groupings so it's easier on my eyes.  Thank to you both, big help!

Ariel, I really like your idea of having the ability to the Metadata Template open at all times. It seems like it would be a really cool thing to do.

Let me know when you make that request and I will support it.

 @Josh Barber I posted this under Feature Requests so I guess this is already my request. Or do I miss something and there's a different procedure? Thanks a lot for supporting!

I think you did it right! I got confused by the reply in which you said you had made multiple requests. 

The problem in the title and original post it seems that your problem about viewing the metadata in the contact sheet is possible with the labels.

The part of your request that I find so innovative is the idea that ability to have the Metadata Info and Metadata Template Windows open at the same time you have the Preview and/or Contact Sheet Windows open and still be able to interact with the Contact Sheet and Preview Windows. It would certainly make for faster application of Metadata to images that require diverse information. Especially when working with at least two monitors.

Also with regards to hiding fields in the Metadata Info and Template Panes, You can go to Preferences and navigate the Accessibility page (One arrow to the left, from the General Page) and there you can customize those two panes using the buttons on the left. In addition to editing what fields appear you can change their order, the number of lines visible for specific fields, and even the label for the field in the Metadata Info and Template Panes.

Let me know if I described your request I like well. I think an additional post to clarify what we are looking for may help.

Hope that is helpful!

@Josh Barber thanks a lot for your detailed reply.

You are right the title of the thread is misleading. What I really wished for was viewing and editing directly in the contact sheet. So that you can select one or several images in the contact sheet and directly view edit metadata without having to open another window.

This is one of the Adobe Bridge features I really miss here. When you select multiple images it shows all the metadata values the selected images have in common - and where you have differing values it shows "multiple".

I made three separate but connected feature requests which would make metadata editing more efficient (I split them up in three as they are different features, and each of them would be a good improvement):

1. viewing and editing Metadata directly in browser

2. keeping Metadata Template open while working in other windows:

3. collapsing groups of Metadata Info:

The one you would like to support is the second one. I hope this describes it well for you. Otherwise we'll start a new, clearer request.

And thanks also for hinting at the Accessibility Preferences. I wasn't aware of this. That's a huge help keeping the Metadata windows simple and focusing on the information I need. (But I still think collapsing Metadata groups would be great, to hide the ones I use once in a while...)



Thanks for breaking them up. That really helps us see which features requests are most popular. 

I now understand you are asking for a replication of the features in Bridge. I was confused because I didn't understand that at first. I was having trouble finding the posts because this forum does not allow me to see the a user's post history and I imagined the posts weren't more than a few days old.

Thank you for sharing the links!

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