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Default Sort Order by for each Contact Sheet

Would it be possible to set a default sort order by individual contact sheet? My process starts by using date order so I can merge photos from different cameras. Then I use an arrangement while I'm picking and arranging photos. Finally I rename the files using a sequence number to preserve the final arrangement. I may have several projects going at one time at different stages and many contact sheets do not go through this process. 

I change the overall sort order to make it convenient when coming back to a current project. However, if I move to a different contact sheet in file or date sort mode, there is no indication that I have already created an arrangement for a contact sheet. I have sometimes screwed up previously created arrangements because I did not realize what sort mode I was in or did not know that one had already been created.

David Roth

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I suggest that opening each folder brings it up exactly as it was last shown - sort order, preview size, etc.

This would make my work considerably easier!

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