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IPTC/XMP compatibility with other software

 In “Preferences / IPTC/EXP / Snapshot button” there are four options. Two are discontinued products and 32-bit. Apple Aperture and Nikon Capture NX/NX2.

Even though you have simplified these settings, I would like to see Snapshots for other programs like Affinity Photo and DxO PhotoLab.


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That's a great suggestion. If everyone could give us feedback on what they use/would like to use, that will help us prioritize. 

Same as the OP - DxO PhotoLab and Affinity Photo.

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 +1 for Affinity Photo

Other for Affinity Photo

Yes, I'm a DxO Photolab user as well. Anything you can do to make Photolab users lives better would be much appreciated, as Photolab is a RAW developer and not a DAM. We (Photolab users) are all looking for a secondary solution to help us manage images.

For the record, I also use Affinity Photo but Photolab compatibility is my primary concern.

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Please also let us know what settings in Photo Mechanic work the best. 

+1  for ON1

Capture One - please

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DxO Photo Lab

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