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Please create option(s) re auto-stacking same-name files.

I am unhappy with the fact that I now need to use Command-J to unstack same name files when exporting a jpeg and a tiff.

Please create an option so that files with the same name but different file types can remain separate when viewed in the contact sheet.

Ideally it would be nice to have that option with regard to both the original raw+jpeg and exported jpegs & tiffs.

I prefer the former together and the latter separate as you had in the last version.

Thank you.

Thanks, David. We're evaluating how to efficiently stack/view different file types with the same name. This is great feedback. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on what options they'd like to see here. 

Thanks Marziah.  Could this be done in Preferences?

As above - it would be great if the stacking options for the original files and processed files could be stacked/unstacked independent of each other.

With the original files it is great to have the together; otherwise the contact sheet is too messy.

With processed files it is nice to have the automatically show up side-by-side so you can compare them.

Thanks for your help !

Hi - I think it would be nice to have, in addition to the combining of RAW+JPG, the ability to manually stack or combine photos.  For instance, if working from a TIFF or even a JPG and and an edited version is produced, to be able to stack them up with the final edited version sitting on top of the master file. I understand this has been previously requested but just wanted to add my vote.

We implemented this request and then removed the feature. We may revisit in the future, but for now I'm marking this as will not implement. 

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