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Character count in Metadata (IPTC) template and Info Panels

For each of the main fields in the Metadata (IPTC) panels (i.e. Description/caption, Headline, Keywords), it would be great to have a dynamic character count of the field contents (ideally on the left, next to or under the field description). 

The icing on the cake would be also to have a count of number of keywords, as well as of characters, for the keywords field.


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That's an interesting idea. I'd be interested in seeing how many others would also find this useful. Upvote the suggestion or leave a comment if you'd also like to see the interface display character/keyword counts. 

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Yes! I'd love a dynamic character count also - would help if I can see how many characters I have left available in IPTC keywords field.

This has been previously requested by at least one other user as far back as 2011 and I also suggested such a feature in 2017. Now that there's a much more efficient system for tracking feature requests, maybe we can get enough people interested to hit critical mass.

On September 03, 2011, at 10:27:56 AM, archer69 (Juerg H.) wrote:

I upload to different stock sites, and most of them have a limit on how many characters they will accept / copy from the keyword field after uploading the image. Limits are of 50, 300, 500, 800 (I think another one uses 250 as limit). All of them count spaces, comas etc. as a character / letter. In my case, I try to keep it under 300 for my main agency, as otherwise it will cut off anything above that when uploading.

It would be really helpful to have the keyword field in the different dialogues display the actual count of characters in the field while keywording.

I think a live character count tool for the Description/Caption and Headline fields at the very least would be extremely useful for a large amount of users (and fit nicely to the left of the boxes, underneath the field descriptions). Character and/or word counts for keywords would be great, too, but likely more challenging to implement.

It was my original request (in tis thread anyway).  I would still love to see this, for very much the same reasons as Juerg H - counting for stock sites.  Character counts for keywords could be a little more tricky, so long as PM puts together both flat and hierarchical keywords into a single field - there has be a recent discussion about this.  If PM could separately display (and count) flat and hierarchical keywords separately, that would be great, but I do not think it will happen because it would need a significant change to the interface. But actually the challenge is not all that great.  I have written Excel spreadsheet formulae which reliably return the numbers of keywords and characters from keywords pasted into the sheet: if even I can do this, the much cleverer programmers at PM will be able to do this with their eyes shut!

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