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Print Contact Sheets - Save as Jpeg or Tiff option

 It would be helpful to some workflows if the Print utility could save the contact sheet pages as separate jpeg or tiff files.  The Mac version allows for Saving as a PDF, which does not show up as an image file or allow one to add keywords and other metadata. A Jpeg or Tiff file could have searchable keywords as well as other metadata.

I think it is a required feature - why else call the user interface contact sheets?

It shoudl be very efficient use of space with some NxM preferences and possibility of printing .jpg or .raw even if there are raw+jpg images - with PM using same conversion it does for preview (so no new code per se).

What do people share with clients if they don't have a contact sheet feature? I have been screen shotting the 'contact sheet' but it is not most efficient and you can't reformat easily to a different grid.

My guess is that the print function relies on the OS, which is why printing or saving as a print-ready PDF are the only two options. That is a good point that people may want to share differently than either a PDF of a contact sheet, by email, or through websites.

Are you wanting to use this in a way other than sharing with clients?

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