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Filename ONLY list view.

I frequently need to select large numbers of files and it would be great if I could choose a list view that only shows the filename, no image.  This would make it substantially faster to select and tag those images.   

PS, I asked for this feature originally in 2002. Hows-about-it?  :-) 


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Thanks, Craig. One of the reasons I set up a forum for feature requests is so we'd have some data for prioritizing our work. 

If you'd also like to see a filename only list view, please upvote the idea or leave a comment here. 

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If you implement lists, be sure to allow the list fields to be selected by the user and sortable. I would want to have columns for all metadata fields, like "Event", "Location", "Keywords", Edit Status", and be able to sort by each column and then set/remove a rating or colour class or tag/untag items in the list.

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A file list view as requested by Craig would be a hands-down brilliant feature (It would mean one can do a lot more in PM, whereas at the moment I have to go to ACDSee for this). I also agree with the points made by Paul van der Mey. Pretty please!

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