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Save Contact Sheets Workplace

Still evaluating PM6 and finding more all the time!   Having more than one column open in the Contact Sheet is brilliant - I've had as many as five - but having to set it up manually every time PM is launched is time-consuming and a pain!

I am looking for a way to save the Contact Sheet as a workspace.   Capture One, DxO, even PhotoShop have this available and it would seem natural for PM.   I am missing it somewhere?

On Windows, drag the contact sheet tab down, and it will create a new column. On macOS, use File>New Window. 

Thank You...

Not exactly what I had in mind, but it works somewhat, as long as what I want is what I had the last time.

Multiple workspaces could be set up for various numbers of columns to quickly get into the mode needed for the day's work.   I really find the multiple columns brilliant when putting a project together, but the needs change with each event.


Sure. We're always looking at ways to streamline the workflow. Right now we're pretty focused on getting Photo Mechanic Plus ready for release, but we may consider workspaces in the future. 

Do you mean you want Photo Mechanic to launch with the same contact sheet tabs open?  You can do this in the General preferences. There's an option to restore the previous contact sheets on startup. Another thing you could try would be adding folders to your favorites so it's quicker to click on them. I hope that solves your problem. 

I would like--No make that I NEED-- to open 2 different contact sheets side by side at the same time so that I can compare the two.  If this feature is not available, please consider adding it.  If it is, how do i make it happen? -

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