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A client (wire service) I work with wants all names in captions of people in an image to be capitalized. I would love a feature where I can tell PM to capitalize specific phrases. My suggestion for how to do this is to add this to Find & Replace feature. Type the phrase into the find part, hit a button, and the same phrase appears capitalized in the Replace part.

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Let me make sure I understand your request. You're already doing find and replace to replace the lowercase phrase with title case, and what you'd like is a quicker way to automate what's filled into the replace field? Like the way you can select a phrase in Word and change the case? 

Yes, basically correct. 

Forgive me if is not welcome to mention other applications here, but there is an easy way to achieve this using the excellent (and inexpensive) ClipboardFusion by Binary Fortress.  It is possible to assign macros to copied text, and there is a user supplied macro available for toggling the case of copied text, so the whole procedure is simply select, copy and paste the changed case text.  Great to include this in PM itself, but easily achieved using Clipboard Fusion.

Hope this helps. 


Oh, feel free to mention other products here. Whatever helps everyone's workflow. 

Edit to add - I'm downloading a trial copy right now. That looks like it would be incredibly useful for my writing work. Thanks for introducing me to it, Graham! 

Great, so I’ll let you know another really useful use of this software with PM.  It is often a pain to add keywords in both PM and Lightroom, and separators are needed to get the keywords into Lightroom’s hierarchy.  Often, though, I need flat keywords for images being sent to my agency, and maybe I add some in both LR and PM.  I can end up with a mixture of flat keywords and hierarchical keywords separated by the pipe symbol.  I have set up Clipboard Fusion with a trigger, so that it automatically replaces the pipe with a comma in any copied text.  Thus if I have keywords with pipe separators I do not want, I just copy (or cut) all the keywords in the Metadata (IPTC) Panel, then immediately paste them back in the same place.  The separator pipes become commas, and PM automatically deletes duplicates, so in a couple of clicks I end up with my complete, non-duplicated set of flat keywords.  It works like a charm  and is such a time saver.  


Can't you use the Variable Substring Extraction routines already built into PhotoMechanic?

eg: {caption:0:pc} ?

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Have you considered using PM's Autocomplete for accomplishing this capitalization?

Sounds good for sports teams where you can create a roster list but not optimal for me. A button that capitalizes what is in the Find window and puts the capitalized version into the Replace window would be optimal.

I'm having trouble understanding.

Do you already have the info somewhere in the metadata without capitals?

I normally write captions with mixed case capitalization, as one normally would write a sentence. When I need to file certain images with a particular client, I need to change the caption so that names are all in uppercase letters. Right now I copy and paste the names (one at a time) into the Find box and then manually write an uppercase version into the Replace box and then do a Replace. A button that took what is in the Find box and put it into the Replace box in all uppercase letters would speed my work.

Hmmm, I think your idea of a button in Find and Replace would only help marginally and there are more efficient solutions

How complicated are your captions? Can you share an example?

Would entering the names in the person's shown field with correct capitalization and then using the Metadata Template to prefix a boiler plate caption with the variable {persons:lc} work for you? 

What would work for me would be something like this {city} = Detroit and {CITY} = DETROIT

@Michael Speet You can do that by putting Detroit in the city field and then using variable substring extraction. Check the article on the wiki for full details: To get DETROIT use {city:UC}

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