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Auto Reload Code Replacements option in Ingest window

Where you have options for Incremental Ingest, Auto Ingest, and Auto Catalog, it would be awesome to also have Auto Reload Code Replacements. Often I am updating the Code Replacement file during a shoot. It would be nice to not have to remember to reload CR before I ingest.

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Would anyone else find this useful? Please upvote the suggestion and leave comments on this thread. 

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Yes, this could be helpful for sure. 

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Definitely.  Takes care of one more little detail.

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Do you use the Reload CR keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shft+Cmd+C? This works effectively for me at the moment. Usually it's the first thing I do after I save the .txt file.

Though I could see if you are constantly updating your Code Replacement a way to automatically reload would be useful.

Josh, I am aware of the shortcut. When I’m shooting an event and have staff at the desk, a line-up of customers asking questions, having to remember a shortcut that requires multiple keystrokes can be a challenge. There is Auto ingest. There is Auto unmount disk.

Gotcha. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I appreciate you sharing your innovative use of the tools PM offers. 

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Good idea!

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