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 How about providing the possibility of changing the # of Metadata fields allowed in addition to filename in the Contact sheet -- to 4?  
I need to see size, description(one line is enough so I can know what is there), Keywords & date.

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Interesting idea. If you'd like to see more lines of metadata on contact sheets, please upvote this suggestion or leave a comment. Thanks!

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Sorry, I do not know what "UpVote" means or how to do it - Jon Davidson

I agree. Media Pro allowed up to 10 lines, which allowed for a lot of flexibility. I am currently forced to use multiple variables in the contact sheet labels separated by "-", which is not ideal and cumbersome, as it's hard to skim and truncates a lot of data.

Thanks, Emanuel.  I had just discovered that and added a 2nd field to one of mine.  Works Ok for my purpose--just to see if that field has an entry without opening the Metadata template. - Jon

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