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Working faster in the structured keywords panel.


here some , how working with structured keywords could be improved.

When searching for a keyword I have to click in the searchfield with the mouse

1. it would be easier to have a shortcut for that

2. when I  start writing the keyword in this field, there should be a dynamic box with possible keywords, which then should be usable with the Arrow keys. 

3.When then selecting a keyword it should be possible to directly insert this keyword to the Collection.

4. at last the should be shortcuts for the different "Apply" buttons (for me: Apply collection ...)

I hope this ould be helpful for more users. The best would be, if everything could be done fast just with the keyboard.

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This is great feedback for the Structured Keywords Panel. We're still working on user interface improvements, and I'll take this feedback to the developers. I'm going to change the title of this post just to make the topic clear. 

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