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Prefer local proxies for slow network mounts

My primary usecase of photo mechanic plus is to catalog tens of thousands of images on my NAS.  I want to be able to quickly browse through and search my images in NAS, mark those I like, copy them over to process to my localhost.

PM+ currently ignores local proxies if the network branch is available and reachable and makes it too slow to regenerate previews.  I request a toggle that always uses local proxies if selected, irrespective of my NAS being reachable or not.

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If you're using Photo Mechanic Plus to catalog, we recommend you store your catalog and previews on the fastest drive physically attached to your computer. You can store the actual photos on any drive. That should make it fast to browse and find photos, but it is still going to take time to physically copy files from a NAS to a local drive in order to work with them. 

That is fine, but if my NAS is connected, PM Plus does not use my local images to preview, but regenerates them across the network, which is wrong.  I don't need that.  I need PM Plus to use my locally cached images for preview.

Please see  That is what I am asking for.  Always use the local proxies, irrespective of NAS being connected or not.

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Thanks for adding that context. That's certainly something we may work on in the future, so I do have it as an open request here. If anyone else reading this post would like this to be a priority, please upvote the suggestion. 

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At least one other support staff at Camerabits said they would love this feature. Let me reach out to them :).

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He told me. ;-) 

This is my number one concern right now with the software.  When I'm on my network with the NAS, the photo previews are slow to render.  When I'm off the network, they are very fast.  I'd love to see this as a top priority fix/enhancement.

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This is an important one, in my opinion.  Viewing previews and thumbnails is very slow for photos on my NAS, when I'm on my network.  With heavy network activity, it is agonizingly slow. When I'm disconnected from the network everything becomes much faster.  I understand the goal of accessing higher quality photos when they are available, but there needs to be an approach that makes the software more usable, perhaps by starting with the proxies and then accessing the source files when needed.

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At the very least, we need a flag that we set to use local proxies.

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