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Smart Collections

A nice feature in Lightroom is "smart collections", which are collections that automatically include images based on some criteria, such as keywords, file extension, rating, etc. As images are imported into the catalog, the appropriate images are automatically added to the smart collections.

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We've looked at that sort of feature, and we may work it in to future updates. 

Thanks for the reply. Although I am not a big fan or user of Lightroom, I had been using it to catalog my images and found smart collections to be very useful. 

+1 for Smart Collections

I`d also be interested in a smart collection feature

Glad to see it has been upgraded to "In Progress".

I would like that feature. E.g. for geotagging all my photos that have no GPS data yet.


It would be very useful and powerful if smart collections could be based on other smart collections. Being able to compose smart collections using others would make them reusable.

Seems to me that saved searches in the quick search UI  behave like smart collections. I save a search, and add some new images that "qualify" and re-execute the saved and I see the additional images. Also works in reverse (make images not qualify removes them). 

+1 for smart collections! 

@Marty Stamper: the problem is that you cannot see al the saved filters in a list and images in each one. You need to manually look for them and execute them, which slows down and is not as clear to me if you have many. 

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