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Photo Mechanic Plus – WHY?

I am trying to decide whether PMP adds sufficient value to PM6 to justify the upgrade differential. Not sure what the catalog structure adds to my current setup, and would be interested in hearing how others have benefitted. My current workflow starts with ingestion and moving of digital images, and metadata writing using PM6 with various templates and snapshots. Same is done with scanned film TIF’s. PM6 does this more easily, I think, than either LR or C1. I then sync my LR (Classic) and Capture1 20 catalogs to incorporate the new batch of images. I used both; C1 does better with some files and some cameras than does LR, and vice versa. C1 doesn’t handle monochrome TIF’s, either, so I use LR for those. So if PM6 serves primarily for ingestion and metadata writing, what does the cataloging function of PMP add to the equation? Thanks much. I’m sure there are many users who will find this feature useful.
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Hi, Michael. A great place to ask that would be in our user forum here: 

There are quite a few people who have been part of our open beta program and have been using Photo Mechanic Plus beta for a while now, and they'd be able to give you their pros and cons. The biggest benefit of Photo Mechanic Plus is that it lets you quickly search and find all your photos - even on media that is not currently connected to your computer. Not everyone is going to need that in their workflow, and that's fine. If you'd like to try it out and see, we do offer a free trial.

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