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PMP Publishing Feature

I am on the fence about moving to PMP as a replacement for Lightroom's catalog features. As I thought about it, I ONLY use Lightroom for publishing images to online e-commerce gallery services, such as Pixieset, and also social media Instagram publishing. 

If PMP could collaborate with popular gallery services, which are used by the vast majority of professional photographers around the world, perhaps a publishing functionality could be added. Photoshop's Adobe Camera RAW can provide the basic batch editing capabilities, which would simplify the pro's life down to 1 app for digital asset management along with 1 for digital image editing.

The home run would be adding the most basic of editing capabilities, exposure, contrast, highlights & shadows, and I think those who shoot sports would simply omit Lightroom from their workflow due to its notoriously slow response times. Generating proofing galleries would be supported by adding those simple editing tools - definitely with a batch edit functionality.

Thanks for listening.

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Thanks, Arnold. 

Photo Mechanic Plus supports the same photo galleries as Photo Mechanic 6. We don't currently support Pixieset, but we do support a lot of other popular gallery services, and we're always looking at adding more:

I'm not sure what the situation is right now with Instagram's API and uploading through a desktop program, but it's likely they still don't allow it.  

We may look at adding editing features in the future, but we don't have immediate plans. Instead, we try to make it as easy as possible to work in tandem with editing programs like Lightroom. 

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