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Sort by Catalog Status

Make it possible to sort a contact sheet by the catalog status (included in catalog or not) of an image

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You might be able to make a workaround by adding a user variable to all your scanned photos and then sorting by that, but it seems like something that would be handy to add as a feature. I'll discuss it with the team. 

And just to clarify - what would you use this for? Are you wanting a way to quickly see whether something is in one or more catalogs or is this for some other purpose?

To determine which images are included in a catalog in a folder adn which are not.

That's what I assumed, but I wanted to make sure. 

Same situation.  If I have a folder with hundreds of photos there needs to be a way to easily see which ones are not cataloged.   Sorting by Catalog status seems like the most straightforward way.  Thanks.

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