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Open a Contact Sheet with a Designated default sort order

I have certain folders on my HD that I use for specific purposes. In this case, I put cropped and sized images that meet posting guidelines for specific on-line forums. When I do a "Save as..." using preset, it sends the modified image to the folder and opens that folder as a contact sheet. Works perfect, and I've been doing this for years.

The contact sheet defaults to sorting the images by Filename in ascending order. I always change that to sort by Modification Time in reverse order so the newest images are first. Is there are way to get PM to open the contact sheet with the desired for order, rather than default to Filename? I tried an arrangement, but that seems to only show the images that were present when the arrangement was made, not including any new images, plus I still need to select "Arrangement" from the drop down list.

PM has a feature the if you place a file called PMIngestIgnore in a folder, it will ignore that folder. Perhaps there could be a file PMSortOrder that could be placed in a folder that would set a default Contact Sheet sort order for that specific folder.

You can change the default sorting order in Preferences>Contact Sheets. That changes the sorting order for all folders you open. We don't currently have a way to change it on a per folder basis. 

Well, Mariah, I definitely do not want to do that for all folders. There are 3 or 4 specific folders that I change the sort order to "Modification Time" Reverse immediately on opening. I do this every time I open these folders as Contact Sheets, hence my desire to be able to set a default sort order for specific folders.

Got it. 

Would this be useful for anyone else? Leave a comment or give this feature request an upvote. 

I organize my contact sheets either by filename, capture time or arrangement depending upon a number of factors and where I am in the workflow. Being able to set a default sort order for each contact sheet would eliminate confusion about where I was when I last worked on it. I have overwritten arrangements that I had already created because the default was set otherwise due to my working on another contact sheet.

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