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Provide a way to search/filter for images WITHOUT GPS data

In Photo Mechanic Plus there is an option on the EDIT menu > "Select photos with GPS".

In my work it is important that every photo in the catalog has GPS location data and most cameras don't have a way to collect it at the time the image is shot, so it's an additional step to add it via e.g. tracklog.  Sometimes the tracklog is only provided long after the photos show up.

It would be very helpful for us if there was a way to "Select photos without GPS", either as a menu option or as a filter or saved search.  Ideally it could be limited to a selected folder/group of folders.

For your consideration. 

(For now the workaround is to "Select photos with GPS", then "Select Inverse", then assign a rating to the inverse selection, then filter by that rating. It would sure be nice to be able to reduce this to a single menu option or saved search.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, John. If anyone else would find this useful, please upvote the suggestion. 

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