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Choose between static and fast previews on Photo Mechanic Plus

Request from one of our customers:

I was looking for a replacement of my MediaPro database of edited images. These images vary between 500 MB and at least 2 GB (PSD and TIFFs). If I scan these images into a PM Plus catalog. They take a very long time to be ingested, which is normal. However I expect to be able to use them afterwards without further delay. However, as I have learned, they will be read again and again every time the catalog is opened and the cache is cleaned (?). Only images which are not accessible are replaced/visible by a static preview.

My feature request is now that you provide the option for creating static previews of 1440–2560 pixels wide (optional) to be stored within/aside the catalog for online and offline images. The users should be able to choose between static and dynamic "previews". Thanks for bringing this to life as soon as possible!

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Even a "Sync Catalog: Full" may not need to re-generate the previews again, as this is very time consuming and usually unnecessarily excessive for already existing ones.

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