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Versioning Support (Original & Processed Images)

I am new to Photo Mechanic so please let me know if this feature is already present as I couldn't find it.

It would be great if we can catalog the processed images, whether in the same folder as the original image or not, and link them to the original. So, if I select a raw file in the catalog I should be quickly able to see all its processed variants together.

If others have found a workaround for it, please share.



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We don't currently have the ability to find duplicate photos automatically, but we are working on a solution. I can't give you a specific timeline yet, though. 

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To clarify, we're not looking at the ability to create a master image with processed variants. Just the ability to find duplicates of the same image. 

Hi Marziah, thanks for the response. Will processed variants of an image be considered duplicates of that image? How would a duplicate be defined for this purpose? I am not necessarily interested in identifying the master version as long as all versions created from the same image can be grouped together. That would depend on how duplicates are defined.

Ok, that helps. I believe what we're trying to find right now are exact duplicates. 

I like the idea. I have copies of photos spread across several disks in multiple ToSort photos which of course I never did. This means that I also have many duplicates taking up space which I would like to detect and remove.

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