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IPTC caption/description

Being able to do a multilayer search on the IPTC Caption/Description. as it exists now one can only do a simple search on a description. Many use the caption/description IPTC instead of keywords.

Are you talking about in Photo Mechanic or Photo Mechanic Plus?

Photo mechanic plus
Photomechanic plus

I think I need some more clarification. Description fields are searchable in catalogs, and you can use search syntax for more complex searches. 

I thought that the general search was for one field or item. Can you refer me to where I can learn more? I do not use keywords but content descriptions to define my images. I would like to search for example, travel, namibia, Africa. How would I go about doing this without keywords.

I have this article, which may help. Within Photo Mechanic Plus, you can see the searchable fields and the search syntax (Example Searches).  

Some fields are searchable by default.  If your text description is, say, in the caption, city, or headline fields, it will search those fields by default if you just type those keywords into the searchbar. You can also specify that you only want to search a specific field, like city "namibia" 

That certainly helps, but when I do a search of say Antarctica, I only get TIF's, and their are tons of images in that folder that have the appropriate keywords or descriptions. What am I doing incorrectly

I'm going to convert this into a support ticket, so they can work with you to figure out what's going on. 

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