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Apple Silicon support


Will this be updated for Apple Silicon?


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That's our plan. 

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Any estimated timeline?

Sorry, no. I don't have a specific timeline.  


We will make sure that Photo Mechanic 6 and Photo Mechanic Plus will run on the new M1 devices soon. (Rosetta 2) However, native support for the speed of the new chipset will take longer. We do not recommend that you purchase these new devices specifically to run Photo Mechanic or Photo Mechanic 6 at this time




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Will the current Photo Mechanic (6) run via Rosetta 2 on the M1 macs? A year seems awfully long!



Yes. That should happen much sooner. Native support will take longer. 

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Please soon !!!

Photo Mechanic currently runs in Rosetta 2, but I'm assuming the feature request is for native M1 support. 

Any update for m1 support? I have the Photomechanic 5 version. Do I need to purchase the newer version to make it work? Please help!

The newest update has M1 support according to the developer.

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Here's what i'm getting. Any workaround for this one? Thanks! 

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