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Short Cut for adding Photos to the selected collection


in my opinion it would be very helpful and speed up your workflow if there is a short cut in order to add the selected images to the selected collection instead of a right click „add to collection“. A good idea could be CMB+B or even only B. B is the key vor Lightroom users. :-)

Thanks a lot in advance


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This is entirely the reason I just upgraded to Plus, and I would have paid probably 2x the upgrade just for a shortcut key. That B key is the only valuable feature of my old Lightroom 4 that I continued to use, but it no longer works for me, so I thought this would be the ticket.

Thanks in advance for getting this feature in a future release!

We've decided to implement this, but I don't have a timeline about when it will be available. We will have to figure out a keyboard combination we haven't used for something else, so it may be different from the Lightroom shortcut. 

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Woo hoo! Thanks, Marziah! Any shortcut key works for me, and that's what I really meant. How about K for Katalog and Karch! 

Wow, this sounds amazing and makes a great tool even better and workflows faster.
Thanks a lot in advance. I am so happy

It's in the current release. Command-B. 

Hi Marziah,

Is this a Mac only fix? Command-B isn't exactly Windows friendly, and I tried the typical windows equivalents: Ctrl-B, Shift-B, etc., with no success.




Sorry. It is control-b for Windows, but it will be in build 5716, which should be announced shortly. Probably today. I jumped the gun and thought we'd already released it. 

Correction. I didn't jump the gun. We pulled it for an unrelated issue, but stay tuned. We'll have it out once we get that fixed. I'm going to guess sometime next week. 

Super - thanks, Marziah!

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