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Make the 'Set GPS Coordinates' window to full screen

I am using PM since many years and just upgraded to PM+. I would like to enter GPS coordinates to my photos now. Unfortunately the 'Set GPS Coordinates' window is very small and cannot be changed. The map inside the window is only approximately 400x400 pixel and its very uncomfortable to find locations. I would like to have this window full screen.

Sorry for my bad English; I am from Switzerland ;-)

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Grüezi, Erich. Thanks for this suggestion. 

Has anyone else found the GPS window to be too small? If so, please upvote this feature request. Thanks! 

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And so you know, I've merged this with a request to make this window resizable. 

Thank you. 

Great news!!

hopefully sooner than later.

Most likely this will be in the next release. 

And we've implemented this feature. Thanks for the suggestion, everyone. 

Works perfectly now (build 5551). Thank you again!

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