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Mass Metadata Input

Make importing Metadata shown in the Organizer Browse tab into the corresponding PM6+ IPTC list.

This would allow quick importing custom Metadata to the lists when starting to use PM6+

This would help keep the Metadata consistent (help keeping me from misspelling metadata).

Hi, Alan. I'm not sure I understand what you're requesting. Can you give me some more details - maybe walk me through how you would use this?

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Hi Marziah,

In the attached example, what I wanted to be able to do is add all the all the 'Persons shown' in the Organizer Browse tab to the IPTC List: Persons Shown.

What I did to get the names into the IPTC list was to open a file in the in each of the Organizer Browse tab list then use the add to list for the person. This was not as straight forward as it might sound.

What I'm suggesting is a way to easily add the Items from the Organizer Browse tab Metadata category to the proper IPTC list. I believe this would help with making consistent metadata input with the auto complete and list to scan.

My interest is primarily Persons Shown and Keywords.

This would be useful when first starting to use PM6+.

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Ok - I see what you mean now. That's an interesting request. 

Anyone else run into this issue? Upvote or leave a comment if you're interested in this feature or something similar. 

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