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Cursor Option During Slideshow

Would be great if you had the option to show and use your cursor while giving a slideshow in PM.

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How would you use this - to present to clients or for something else?

I would use the cursor during presentations for discussions about certain elements within photographs. It would be easier to use a cursor to point things out rather than describing a location within a photo to point out something (like, "below the goalpost to the right is a fan in a white shirt that is distracting to the photograph........). This would in turn lead to talk about cropping options. I think having the option to turn it on or off would benefit some that use the slide show as a teaching tool.

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I use the slide show feature during ZOOM meetings and it would handy to have the mouse cursor to be able to point things out. A toggle would be best because during in-person meetings the mouse cursor would be a distraction.


That's a good use case. Thank you.

Quick update: We've decided to add this feature, but we don't have a timeline for you yet. Most likely next release. 

We've released an interim build with this feature here: 

Awesome Marziah......thanks so much for your help with this!

I have a ZOOM meeting Wednesday which will be a great test. Local testing was fine and will report back after the meeting Wednesday. The interim build could not have come at a better time!

Worked perfectly for me on ZOOM.  Thanks for adding the feature in.


I'm happy to hear it! 

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