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Merge / integrate existing catalogs

Hi there!

It would be cool if we could merge catalogs by an "integrate existing catalog" button. It took 3 hours to build the 800mb catalog files of my external drive and let the computer index all these files again even though the database files already exist is kind of wasting time and energy (CO2!)

All the best, Sebastian

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Are you talking about merging catalogs from other programs or do you mean existing Photo Mechanic Plus catalogs?

Merging PM Catalogs

Ok. I'm not sure what the difficulty is for that for our developers, but it's certainly something we could consider for future development if there's interest. 

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I was about to make the same request, so plus one here. 

I would love to be able to split a catalog too.

Right now I have a master catalog with about 800.000 images on an external ssd drive. I started with multiple catalogs (one per year) but since I figured collections do not work across multiple catalogs had to switch to a one master catalog approach. I have one Drive (plus backup) per year with my photos, so what I want to do now is split the master back into yearly catalogs to be saved in the same drive as the master photos, as a backup and just in case my master starts going slow ... Since I am new to the software I am still working on my workflow, maybe that does not even make sense...

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I myself have a Catalog of over 900 DVDS, several external drives that I have Cataloged with NeoFinder (which is created by  I would like to see it to be possible to import those EXISTING CATOLOGS. If that can't be done, I will stick with it for keeping track of things and continue to use the standard Photo Mechanics. I am a one man show, so it would be nice not to have to spend several days redoing t his.

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