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New setting to individualize to better hide/show according to star rating

Sorry to bother you with all the stuff that is working better in bridge but hopefully you see the point and make it possible for people to swop from Adobe to Camera works without worsening anything for your regular customers: If I watch photos in a PM Contactsheet or browse through a path in PM+ and I want to see only the 1-star-rated photos I have to click 5 times. In Bridge 1 time - even though there it's realized through the combination of filtering and navigation/browsing.
If I can't combine it, it forces me to use the stars "linear" with the idea that 5 ist better than 1. I have rated ten thousends of photos with the idea that 1 start means "best-of" and would have to reverse the star rating in order not to get crazy with 4 more clicks per filtering/hiding action than in PM/PM+.

So I think a setting to individualize the show/hide-mechanism in the preview settings or - even better - a combinability of filtering with navigation/browsing would be a win not only for people likle me but also for PM customers.

I guess there are thousands of Adobe users* who try to swop to PM/PM+. Being ablie to quickly show just the one or two star rated files can be very important for people who are used to Adobe Bridge.

Another point is, that one can use some of the 5 stars also to mean something different than qualitiy aspects. I personally use 1-3 for quality and 4 and 5 for status - "un-linear use of star rating".

*The subscription trap will force many many mac users to swop in the next 24 months when high sierra security support propably ends next February and we will be forces to upgrade. High Sierra is - as far as I know - the very last OS where the boxed (i.e. property-based) Adobe CS6 works (with some tweaks). About the Windows compatibility I have no clue any more.

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You can filter to only view one star by using the widget at the top of any contact sheet. This combines with any additional filtering you may do through the catalogs or elsewhere. 


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