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Simple button (or way) of hiding JPG/RAW/selected/unselected files

As the catalog side of things is now here, it would be handy to be able to just view JPG/RAW/selected/unselected.

I often find myself doing a pic edit in a collection or want to drag just the jpg images off to wetransfer those to a client leaving the RAW files behind, but not wanting to tag/rate the images.

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Hi Graham. Toggle View>Combined Images off. Or you can also use the keyboard shortcuts of Command-J on macOS or control-J on Windows. 

Hi Marziah, Sorry, I think you misunderstood. There are times when I only want to see only Jpg or raw, not both.

For example, if I wanted to send a selection of JPG images over I could select the combined images (rate them if they don't have a rating already), click the (requested) button to show only jpg then just drag and drop those images from PM to Wetransfer. Job done.

At the moment if the RAW/JPG images are in a catalog and in different folders they can't be combined. Or if I'm viewing RAW and JPG of the same images together in a contact sheet I have to select the images I want to send, rate them, un combine, show only a rated (which isn't ideal as some images may already be tagged or rated), select raw images, invert the selection, then select all and drag and drop. Yes, it is possible, but it's a faff. :0)

I could uncombine then only select the jpg images, but invariably a RAW image will get selected by mistake.

FWIW this was why I keep jpg and RAW images separate (as sometimes I need to ping jpg images)...but, as I found out yesterday, in order to use combine file (cmd J) when viewing in a catalogs/collections, these files have to be in the same folder for this to work. If they are not, I have twice as many files in a collection/ catalog contact sheet as I need.

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