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Mofidy Capture Date and Time of a bunch of photo's

Dear all,

I very often got a collection of photo's without a date/timestamp. For creating a range I fill the date with the creationdate and the time starting from 00:00:01, next 00:00:02, etc.

It would be very nice if I could select a range of photos and then timestamp one by one without leaving the interface "Adjust Capture Date and Times". So, first photo, timestap 00:00:01, SAVE THIS TIMESTAMP TO THE PHOTO, arrow right, timestamp 00:00:02, SAVE THIS TIMESTAMP TO THE PHOTO..... etc.

At this moment the selected timestamp is written to all selected photo's (or am I doing something wrong??)

Thanks in advance!

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I've been trying to see if we could find a workaround, but so far we haven't had any success. 

To do this in LR required a plug-in.  Having this facility in PM+ would be perfect.

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