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I can't believe that when I select a catalog I don't see all the images in that catalog by default, but have to do the bizarre run-around described in your instructions here. It took me ages to work out what to do and when I recommended PMP to a group of AOP members in the UK, I had to caveat my otherwise praise for PMP by explanation of this odd quirk. SURELY the main thing about a catalog is to see the images! Or have I got some hidden option in preferences checked which stop me from seeing all the images by default??

In short, please show all images by default, and then filter accordingly, not leave me with an blank page until I have done the bizarre run-around to see the images.

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I agree; I have suggested a new addition to the File Menu calld "Open Catalog" (If there are more than one catalog, that could open a choice window).  Extensis' PORTFOLIO has that feature which is programmable in Preferences as to how which catalog and how to sort it.  Since I give all my images filenames that include date, I open the entire catalog of thumbnails in filename order and am ready to go.  The other day, I slid the contact sheet display over the left hand menu, and when I opened the app several days later, I had forgotten completely how to get to the catalog (realized what I had done eventually), but when a second user comes to the application to look at the catalog, the natural thing to do is go to the file menu.  New Window doesn't do it because it opens the window the way it was the last time (which is OK), but "Open Catalog" would alternatively get the new user to the place they want to be without remembering all the complication! - Jon D

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Thanks Paul.

Anything which makes it easier for us to get to what we are after.

At the moment, PM+ seems like a 'techie's" program, rather than a consumer's. Most people won't bother digging to work out how things work—and why should they, when major options could be neatly revealed without over-cluttering the interface?

With the current UI, major, frequently-used activities have their lights hidden under bushels. It is almost as if PM want it to be a niche-product for the initiated who bother to learn it inside-out, rather than make it (heaven-forbid) easy to navigate for all.

Since you mentioned sliding the contact sheet over, I wonder if you and others might like my suggestion here to make a short-cut to reveal/hide the side-bar.

My criticisms may sound a touch harsh, but they are made in the spirit of one who loves PM and simply wants it to be better and accessible to a wider audience.


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Thanks, Stephen. We are looking at ways to make the interface easier to use and appreciate everyone's feedback. 

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