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Until I upgraded to PMP from PM, I used to keep the navigator closed by default (by dragging contact sheet totally to left) so that I just had a window of contact sheet.

Since I have bought PMP, I see the need to access the navigator/catalogs more frequently.

What I would love is just to open/close the sidebar using the tab key as a shortcut.

Any chance you could do this??

With thanks in anticipation

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Interesting suggestion I'm not sure how easy it would be for the developers. Some parts of the interface are trickier then others, but this is something we could take into consideration. 

PM6 was quite good about keyboard shortcuts, but they are sorely missing in all the new PMP6 features, which is surprising for an application of that price. And the lack of accessibility features even prevents 3rd party apps like or from working, as the Xcode Accessibility Inspector cannot see any of the new controls.

Please enable power users to use keyboard shortcuts to speed up repetitive tasks and easily hide panels and toolbars. Using the mouse is fine for the first few times, but it's just so very slow after a while.

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I really hanker after a keyboard shortcut for Reveal in Finder which I use a lot

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