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Source Folders of Images Found In a Catalog Search

 I have a catalog consisting of many folders (i.e. disk directories). A catalog search will result in the search hit thumbnails displayed on a contact sheet. Is there an easy way to determine which folder (ie. directory) a particular search "hit" came from? From the thumbnails, I can only get the filename. If I open one of the images in an editor, I can see the hierarchical file structure of where that image came from ... which is important to me. The catalog structure makes it much easier to find images across different directories, but I still want to know which directory they are in when they pop up from a search. I suspect I am just missing something.

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You can right-click on an image and select Reveal in Finder.  

I do not see "Reveal in Finder" when I right-click on an image ... see attached screenshot.

I think I had the same issue and support told me I could see the file path on the bottom as shown in the attached pic. Hope it helps



Regarding you not seeing "Show in Finder...", you are on a windows machine so you would use "Show in Windows Explorer..." instead.  

Thanks, Paulo. 


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