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Move Collections

It would be awesome if once a collection is made, if I need to move it up or down a level I can just drag and drop it rather than re-creating it and moving all the files.

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We would absolutely love to make drag and drop collections, but unfortunately it just isn't possible for this version. Basically, the developers will need to use a completely different interface for drag and drop to work. That said, we could look at improved ways to rearrange collections and sub-collections. 

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That's ok, it doesn't need to be drag and drop. I don't know exactly how everything is built, but what about adding a "Cut" and "Copy" menu option to the context menu for a collection. Then a "Paste" when you have something cut / copied. When you paste the collection, you simply update the parentId of the collection to whatever the new parent is and re-render the UI.

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Select the sub-collection you want to move. 

Right-click on the new parent for this collection. 

You'll have the option to move it. 


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