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Size and quality of thumbnails and preview images

PM Plus: I'd like to see options to tweak the size and quality of thumbnails and preview images. Also an option to generate thumbnails but not preview images. Purpose: save disk space. The database is too big when cataloging multiple TB of images.

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So these options as a refinement of the existing ability to turn off thumbnails and preview proxies? 

Correct. The current choice is all or nothing. I need thumbnails, but don't want to waste space on (1600px) previews. 

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Another useful enhancement would be to generate thumbnails and/or previews only on images that match some criteria.

I'd like to build a catalog of a few terabytes of images but only need previews for tens of thousands with, say, orange or red color class. Cheers!

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I am fine with current size, and also expect disc space to become cheaper and more plentiful over time, but can see that for some people with vast databases, smaller previews would be useful

PM Plus. I would just like to re-iterate the importance of this. I've just created my first catalogue to cover just one of my many archived external hard drives. I had to stop the process for image generation as it had been running for over 24 hours and still not finished. The current unfinished size of the Catalog for 131,000 files total of 1.5TB (my external disks are usually 3TB or 4TB) currently stands at 21GB! My current DAM application provided a catalog of the same external disk, with thumbnails within a total size of 4GB. The Catalog is just way too big due to the size of the preview images. I need thumbnails but can't manage the size (backups, space) of these Catalog files required to provide Catalogues for all my archived external disks. 

Just to re-iterate Jarle's point here. This is a massive issue for me. I currently have around 20 external archived disks of between 3TB and 4TB. These are all currently managed through a DAM system. I have a catalog for each external disk. Catalog sizes currently are around 4GB each. However, I would love to move to Photomechanic DAM as I currently use Photomechanic for the initial steps of my workflow.

I've just tried to create my first catalog with PM+. I selected 1.5TB of images from a USB3 externally attached  disk. The scan process still hadn't finished creating the thumbnails over 24 hours later. I stopped the process creating the thumbnails/previews. I estimate it was halfway through generating the preview images. The PM+ database was already at around 24GB! The multiple catalog files would be simply too large to manage (backup, space required, performance etc). I need thumbnails but I also need Catalogs that I can physically manage. Unfortunately this is a show stopper for me.

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The size of the previews should be scalable. For example, I have about 13000 of my stock images (sports) on my Macbook to be able to send them on the go. These images need 63 GB of disk space, the corresponding catalog 11 GB. That's too much space for the catalog.  Hard disk space is not very expensive anymore, but still an issue for notebooks.

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