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Reveal folder path in navigator

I  would like to request a menu item in the Folder Paths that will reveal that path in the Navigator.  That would save a lot of time and effort, by allowing the user to move photos via drag and drop from the contact sheet to a specified folder efficiently. 

Currently we as users need to drill down manually in the Navigator before doing the drag and drop. This is tedious and repetitive for multiple photo moves within the directory structure e.g. for reorganising fotos in a directory hierarchy.

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Do you mean something that uncollapses the folder tree for a selected photo in a contact sheet, or am I misunderstanding?

I was not as clear as I could be. In PM+ you can display all the photos within and below a given path e.g directory. If you want to move photos into the selected directory from the contact sheet you need that location in the navigator.

Ok - I see what you mean. Basically, you'd like easier photo organizing through drag and drop within Photo Mechanic Plus because the folder tree structure isn't as clear between the navigator and the organizer browse tree. 

Correct - like that I have the best of both worlds. Use PM+ to explore and select those photos I think should be in a particular directory and move these to the directory with the help of the navigator. Like this I can improve how my data is stored on disk with the help of PM+.

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