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Exclude Folders by Wildcard in Foldername (e.g. *.lrcat)

Need the ability to exclude entire folders from indexing by folder name.  For example, I don't want time and resour5ces spent examining lightroom catalog folders for indexing and therefore would like to tell system not to look inside folders with names ending in .lrcat, etc. etc. 

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Ok - thanks. Perfect. 

Hello Marziah,

I have been in touch with Bob about this issue and have provided him with sample folders to check it out. We have been on this problem for quite some time - only recently was I able to nail the problem down to the LR files.

I'm going to see if I can get tech support to replicate that bug so we can request a fix. 

Exactly Bernd! That’s why I haven’t been able to use the new features. I can’t get PM to finish doing an index. It hangs on the catalogs!

Same request here. Plus I noticed a bug. Older Lightroom catalogs (LR5) that are still in my archive seem to crash the indexing system when building a catalog. Was a long search with trial and error to figureit out. Especially as the bug only seems to appear in Windows, not on Mac OS

That's correct.  I have several hundred client folders and in each there is a lightroom catalog.  there's no way I can go in and manually exclude each one.  So I'd need the ability to exclude a folder ending in .lrcat    Thanks!!

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You can now exclude folders when scanning to catalog, although you have to select the folders you want to exclude rather than specifying folder names.  So you'd like to also add the option to blanket exclude by folder name?

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