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Add support to search for and remove duplicate images

Now I'm using PMP to manage all my photos, I'm coming across duplicates that I've downloaded twice. Would it be possible to have a tool in PMP that searches for duplicate images? It could do so by the obvious same file name, but also by file size (especially for RAW images), metadata time-sttamps etc. Ie a more sophisticated way of managing photos and helping to work out which ones to keep and which to remove.

I know there are dedicated de-duplication apps, but a more limited de-duping feature set just for photos would seem to be an ideal candidate for PMP. After all, I have many catalogs in Lightroom, but PMP is the place I will go to now to mange from now on and sort out historical messes.  

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Good news. I don't have a timeline for you, but we are working on this. 

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was just looking for this feature for my wife on a Mac she said Macs import the same image under different stats and you end up with 5-7 copies.

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